Sequence Supervisor – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2

I was sequence supervisor for the Bellatrix Death sequence and handled a number of other shots from the film. Performed a wide variety of roles for this project as well as looking after others which I rather enjoyed, it’s not often I get to use most of my arrows.

  • Matte and texture painting, painted environmental extensions for a bunch of shots in the boat house scene
  • Composited the chat between Voldemort and Snape in the boathouse at Snape’s death scene
  • Painted full length extensions of all the characters for the ‘apparation at the beach’ shot
  • Concept art for an alternate version of the Bellatrix death, the stunt work that was shot was not wanted so I knocked up 6 options
  • Modeled the digi double of Bellatrix
  • Tracking, lighting, shading and animation of Bellatrix
  • Did some fluid FX work for Bellatrix and for the boathouse
  • Lookdev for the Snitch floating in the hand shot

I was very hands on for this project, it’s not that often I’m able to show concept work and such from production but here are a couple of bits from the Bellatrix sequence..

Emaciate Bellatrix Concept


We needed a last minute change to Bellatrix’s death, the stunt rig flying in to the wall was rejected, all the plates and such were already shot and we had 2 weeks to go. Director needed a save so I grabbed a suitable frame from the shot and in a few hours knocked up a number of concept variants, generally painted her out and a bunch of ways to die in like emaciation, turning to stone, crumbling and giant wand blast (stuff that fitted into the time frame).

Top one is the original frame, bottom is the fully emaciated end result concept, a bit rough but it was about 30mins work.





Bellatrix DD ZBrush Normal


The director liked the ‘sucking the life out of her’ so I bashed out a double matched to the plate in ZBrush.

The  director wanted to keep the face performance so I re-projected that back onto some separate mask geo, kept the hair for comp and showed a few ST tricks to help sort out creative direction.




Bellatrix DD ZBrush Emaciated



The models took about 6 hours and the rest was a simple attribute mapped blend shape setup using a 2D fluids render as a mask for the attribute map.





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