Sequence Supervisor – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2

I was sequence supervisor for the Bellatrix Death sequence and handled a number of other shots from the film. Performed a wide variety of roles for this project as well as looking after others which I rather enjoyed, it’s not often I get to use most of my skill set.

  • DMP and texture painting, painted environmental extensions for a bunch of shots in the boat house scene
  • Comp’d the chat between Voldemort and Snape in the boathouse at Snape’s death scene
  • Painted full length extensions of all the characters for the ‘apparation at the beach’ shot
  • Concept art for an alternate version of the Bellatrix death, the stunt work that was shot was not wanted so I knocked up 6 options
  • Modeled the digi double of Bellatrix
  • Tracking, lighting, shading and animation of Bellatrix
  • Did some fluid FX work for Bellatrix and for the boathouse
  • Lookdev for the Snitch floating in the hand shot

I was very hands on for this project, it’s not that often I’m able to show concept work and such from production but here are a couple of bits from the Bellatrix sequence..

Emaciate Bellatrix Concept




Top one is the original frame, bottom is the fully emaciated end result concept art, a bit rough but it was about 40 mins work, just painted out the old carter and painted in a new one.





Bellatrix DD ZBrush Normal


Bashed out a double pixel matched to the plate in ZBrush, about 6 hours.





Bellatrix DD ZBrush Emaciated



This is the emaciated version, sculpted with exactly the same topology as the one above so we can do a very simple attribute mapped blend transition between them for the spell effect, derived from the first model it was only about 20mins.





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