VFX Supervisor – Multiple Projects

Was initially brought on to supervise a film project but due to production timetables shifted to setting up the VR services at Milk. Supervised their first few projects and took them through the initial talks with clients and investors on various strategies and solutions for various project types.

The first few projects I looked after were


Tree is a multi sensory project that first showed at the Sundance film festival and then at Tribeca, you take on the perspective of a growing Kapok tree in the rainforest. You start under the ground and grow to a full size adult tree above the canopy as part of the experience, the tree changes through it’s life stages and grows branches and such while the forest surrounds you. The installation features haptic feedback with subwoofer chest plates and platform and there is heat, moisture and forest smell triggers as well giving a full sensory experience.

The project posed some significant challenges with realtime l-system plant growth and a full few minutes of one long continuous smooth morph as the tree grows through various life stages.



Dinosaurs In The Wild

This was a major project for Milk that ran for quite some time, I looked after an installation involving two dinosaur heads that patrons were able to stick their heads inside and look around. This would enable them to see the view that two different type of dinosaur would see as if through their eyes, one being a thescelosaurus and the other a dakotaraptor. You would get to hunt out other dinosaurs or look for predators, that sort of thing.

This work was done with a small team and primarily through the use of pre-rendered footage and the Unity engine. For this job I built some tools for stereo reprojection of mono 360 scene captures and did some stereo 360 HDR matte painting along with lighting and comping all the final shots.


Some in-house content custom built for major clients as demos (NDA)

For some of Milk’s bigger clients we decided to create some demo work to show what is capable in VR with some of the latest techniques and some new in-house development, unfortunately I’m not able to give any details but they went down very well, VR and AR will certainly have a large role to play in storytelling going forward.

While doing the above projects I developed a number of tools for the overall VR pipelines and developed a set of procedures scaled to the facility size for transfer of assets from the standard pipe to realtime representations in Unity and Unreal.