Project History

An historical log of the various projects I've contributed to.. it's not entirely complete.

Senior Lighter – Gravity

Framestore • 2012

Originally came on as a senior lighter but as is often the case took on more roles, there are some lovely people at Framestore.

  • Lit a number of shots, primarily during the ‘goodbye’ sequence where Clooney pikes out and parts of the ISS destruction. Most of the promotional shots for the film.
  • Lookdev’d all the external ISS station modules (apart from Zvezda)
  • In one of the longer shots (the shots were very long) repainted textures to improve look.
  • Wrote a rapid spectral shading model to optimise metal shading on the external modules.
  • Optimised some of the heavier sequences that were pushing the limits of the renderer and gained an average 66% time reduction in rendering using some techniques I developed.