VFX Supervisor – Multiple Projects

Was initially brought on to supervise a film project but due to production timetables shifted to setting up the VR services at Milk. Supervised their first few projects and took them through the initial talks with clients and investors on various strategies and solutions for various project types. The first few projects I looked after

Rendering R&D – Interstellar

Was the core lead Houdini R&D developer for the show, responsible for : DNGR Team Renderer development, part of the team for integration of Kip Thorne’s wormhole mathematics to create a relativistic pathtracer. Light shaders and tools development Volume shaders with a novel level set rendering method for massive geometry data sets A custom pathtracer

Senior Lighting TD – Thor : The Dark World

Came onto the show as a senior lighting TD but ended up taking on a number of roles. Shot a 32bit texture pipe on location and painted all the textures for the Greenwich ship to water touchdown sequence. Fluid FX for for some shots (whitewater sims) Developed a POP based whitewater solver to avoid DOP