VFX Supervisor – Multiple Projects

Was initially brought on to supervise a film project but due to production timetables shifted to setting up the VR services at Milk. Supervised their first few projects and took them through the initial talks with clients and investors on various strategies and solutions for various project types. The first few projects I looked after

R&D Engineer – VR/AR Research

Designed a VR solution for viewing content based on capture and playback of a mix of light field and deep rendered data. Unfortunately due to the secretive nature of the work I can’t say too much about it. The implementation is similar to Paul Debevec’s Light Field work with OToy found here.. Light Field Capture

Rendering R&D – In The Heart Of The Sea

Was the core lead R&D shader and lighting developer for the show, responsible for : Ocean surface and close water shader development Light shaders and tools development Surface displace and FX blending tools A custom pathtracer written for high water shot volume A rigid body and FX interaction toolset and masking framework.