This reel is quite out of date, it’s feature work only with no independent, commercial or longform work included.


Reel Breakdown


Lighting of a range of key shots.

Lookdev for all ISS external modules apart from Zvezda.

Wrote spectral split metal shader for all external metals (Arnold)

Had camera added to Arnold to support development of improved lighting methods for large datasets.

Used said techniques to allow for much higher geometric detail on ISS destruction.

Thor : Dark World

Lighting of the ship Greenwich sequence.

Shot textures on location at Greenwich, painted extra required extensions.

Whitewater FX for the ship landing, developed custom Houdini solver for shot requirements.

Developed ocean wind tool for water FX.

Some particle R&D support on the final red storm for Houdini.

Heart Of The Sea

Core lead lighting and rendering R&D for entire project.

Wrote custom pathtracer for dealing with high volume ocean FX work.

Developed novel water attenuation tools for rapid sculpting of looks.

Developed a set of tools for integrating sims and RBD and ocean work seamlessly.


Core Houdini lead lighting and rendering R&D (Mantra handled all rendering apart from the infinite room at end).

Part of the DNGR team that worked on the wormhole pathtracing, fully integrated the solution into the Mantra pathtracer.

Developed lighting and shading tools for various sequences, wide ocean, tight shots with sparse foam etc.

Mentored artists in use of various FX rendering tools.

The Hobbit

Lighting on a number of shots around Erebor and Dale.

Created light rigs for other artists to light the town of Dale with.

Lookdev and layout on various Erebor shots.

Developed a k-medoid based clustering tool for rapid scene layout.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows : Part 2

Sequence supervisor for Bellatrix Death.

DMP on concept art and clean plate gen.

DD sculpting and texturing for Bellatrix.

Lighting and FX, basically everything but comp.

World War Z

Sequence Lead for the Philly work.

Lookdev on vehicles and buildings.

Helped R&D sort out a new car paint shader.

Set up lighting and rendering pipelines for Prman and Vray.