Sylvan Dieckmann is a film visual effects supervisor, artist, and researcher, recognised for his innovative contributions in film, gaming, and virtual reality. He is also the founder of Ælfheim, and the creator of Aten7

Sylvan's diverse career path reflects a lifelong passion for storytelling and technology. He began by creating RPGs and LARP games in his youth and delving into virtual reality in the mid-90s by building an early VR HMD, then venturing into the video game industry as an artist and technical director. 

His work in film visual effects for over 20 years has seen him excel in various roles, including engineering, supervising, and artistic endeavours, earning accolades in film and VR. More recently, Sylvan has embraced next-gen RPG game development, applying his extensive experience to innovate in this rapidly evolving field and completing the circle back to his childhood passion.

A polymath and avid explorer of new ideas, Sylvan's journey is marked by a deep commitment to learning, creativity, and a harmonious balance between artistic expression and technical expertise.