Creation of the Gods : Kingdom of Storms

In the visually stunning epic, "Creation of the Gods: Kingdom of Storms," Sylvan served as the Visual Effects Supervisor for Anibrain. The film, directed by Wuershan, is an adaptation of the 16th-century fantasy novel "Investiture of the Gods" and is the first in a trilogy.

Sylvan's role encompassed supervising the visual effects and overseeing the FX department as the Head of FX. His leadership was instrumental in implementing a Houdini-centric pipeline at Anibrain, which significantly enhanced the studio's capabilities in producing high-quality sequences.

One of the notable aspects of Sylvan's work on this project included handling highly complex sequences, particularly those involving intense courtroom battles and intricate water FX shots. 

Anibrain, known for contributing to over 150 feature projects, including VR and AR experiences, provided a robust platform for the project, along with previous guidance and pipeline improvements that Sylvan implemented over previous projects with Anibrain as VFX Supervisor and Head of FX.