Dinosaurs In The Wild

In the "Dinosaurs In The Wild" project at Milk, Sylvan, serving as CG and VR Supervisor, was responsible for creating a VR Velociraptor exhibit. This involved developing a custom VR environment, using a tool he developed to convert HDR images of the Caledonian Forest into a fully 3D, stereoscopic space. This approach allowed for an experience where users could interactively explore the prehistoric world simply using a single spherical image.

The exhibit offered a unique perspective where participants could experience the primal thrill of being either the hunter or the hunted in a world of Velociraptors. The project, built in Unity, combined accurate environmental reconstructions with engaging VR technology.

You can find a great article from Pixar about Milk's work on the project here.

The cover image is part of the great work of Damir G. Martin, who was also at Milk.