The main stuff you'll find here..

Vfx Work

I've been working in Vfx for film for about 16 years, if you're interested you can check out my project history or current reel.


There's a bunch of photographic work on here, have much love for nature photography and photography in general.


There are some secret lab projects here too.. well not so secret.. and in some cases possibly a little mad. If you're interested in any of them just contact me.

And more stuff if you're interested..

The Blog

Coming soon.. General updates and persistent verbal dribbling..

Food Ramblings

Coming soon.. Yep like many of us I like to go on the occasional rant about food things.. and sometimes share a recipe..


Like many of us I read Neuromancer in the 90's, had my mind blown and have since then been researching VR/AR on and off .. hey it looks like we're getting somewhere!